Quality Hessian
Quality Hessian
Quality Hessian
Quality Hessian
Quality Hessian 10oz - 50 Metres (183cm wide)
Quality Hessian 10oz - 1 Metre (183cm wide)

Quality Hessian


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Quality Hessian - 102cm or 183cm widths and in a variety of lengths. Traditionally hessian for upholstery was weighed as 7.5oz, 10oz or 12oz per square yard. The modern equivalents are weighed in grams per square metre. However, the traditional identification has stuck and upholsterers continue to refer to hessian in weight by ounce. 100% natural hessian fabric, a fire retardant can be applied where required.

A thick, strong material that comes in a variety of weights, the most popular with upholsterers are stocked, but all weights are available to order. The available options are 7.5oz, 10oz medium weight hessian or a heavier 12oz, which is more popular over springs. Jute is the raw material for hessian.

This quality Hessian is ideal for all upholstery uses, and can be used for soft furnishings, wall hangings, rug making, display use, etc. The 10oz and 12oz are widely used beyond upholstery for art projects and the 7.5oz by gardeners as frost protection amongst many other end uses. The 12oz has a diverse range of uses, and is widely used by interior designers and set designers.

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