Savoy Brass Slipper Cup with 8mm Threaded Bolt
Savoy Brass Slipper Cup with Threaded Bolt

Savoy Brass Slipper Cup with Threaded Bolt


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Savoy Brass Slipper Cup with Threaded Bolt - Furniture Leg caps - Height 67mm. 32mm internal diameter across the top of the cup. Approximately 60mm of the threaded bolt passes through the cup, so for example, a 100mm threaded bolt would protrude from the top of the cup approximately 40mm. Includes a threaded bolt at the length of your choice, please contact us if you need a different length than those shown.

Savoy Brass Slipper Cup with Threaded Bolt. Fit to wooden furniture legs or directly to furniture. Slipper cups, also known as leg caps, provide a stylish alternative to brass castors. Use instead of castors on legs for furniture, sofas, tables, chairs and beds. This is a large, quality manufactured solid brass leg cap with a traditional design. Widely used throughout the furniture industry by furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and interior designers. Sold individually. Full dimensions for the slipper cups are at the bottom of this page. Height 67mm, Internal width 32mm.

The slipper cups or leg caps are used with furniture legs to create stylish embellishments. A threaded bolt (often described as a dowel screw or hanger bolt) at a length of your choice is included so you can securely fit them through a recessed hole at the bottom of the cup. The end cap of the bolt cannot be seen when fitted, so the bottom of the cup is completely flat to the floor when fitted. The threaded bolt passes through the cup from the bottom to create strong, quality furniture legs with leg caps, capable of taking heavy weights. These castors can also be fitted directly to furniture if preferred. Please contact us if you would like advice on making furniture legs with slipper cups. T-Nuts are included free with each cup, and alternative furniture leg fixings are available to ensure all of our European, UK and International customers can securely fit these leg caps.

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