Scandinavian Premium Multifunction Leg Bracket

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Scandinavian Premium Multi-function Leg Bracket

Size: Ø115 x 85 mm

Max leg diam.: Ø60 mm

Only accepts 10mm (M10) thread

Wood screws are included

No min order, sold individually 

For full dimension see CAD drawings

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This premium multi-function leg bracket enables you to easily transform your dining table into a coffee table and vise-versa, simply by pushing the activator button and turning the legs.

Ideal for apartments with limited space, hotels, cafes, restaurants, public halls, banks, bars, meeting rooms and countless other retail and comercial spaces. 

Stacking Spacer

This product includes a stacking spacer free of charge and includes wood screws for fixing.

Size: Ø56 x 10,5 mm

Thread: M10 x 14 mm 

For full dimension see CAD drawings