Catherine Reeded Wooden Legs - Antique Finish - Brass Castor - Set of 2
Catherine Reeded Wooden Legs - Antique Finish - Antique Castor - Set of 2
Catherine Reeded Wooden Furniture Legs with Castors

Catherine Reeded Wooden Furniture Legs with Castors


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Reeded Wooden Furniture Legs with Casters (Brass or Antique) - Height 155mm; Width - 85mm; includes castor and fittings (Metal dowel screw and T Nut) for easy fixing.

In an antique finish with solid brass or antique casters, these high-quality hardwood reeded wooden legs will add a touch of class to your furniture. These legs include castors and fixings and come in a set of 4, although half sets are also available. Ideal for reupholstery projects, sofas, chairs, and other furniture.

Transform your furniture with this high-quality set of legs with castors. Use to replace a broken set on period furniture, or simply to change the height, style and look of your chair or sofa. Repairing and restyling your furniture is good for the environment and cost-effective, and can enable your current furniture to fit in with any room decor change.

These quality castored legs undergo a unique method of assembly, with the thread extending from end-to-end all the way through the castor and foot. This sets them apart in terms of strength in comparison with others, where castors are only secured to the bottom of the feet. As a result, these castored legs are amongst the strongest on the market. Please <a href="" target="_blank">click for fitting instructions</a> if required.

If fitting new T-Nuts, simply select the standard 8mm dowel option. If you are matching to the existing fitting embedded in your furniture, 8mm (UK) will fit the vast majority of furniture. You may prefer 5/16 (United States). If you are unsure, please use our <a href="" target="_blank">Free Samples</a> service to check the size, or read our guide on <a href="" target="_blank">how to fit wooden legs</a> for instructions and alternative fixings. All legs come with T-Nut fittings.</a></a>

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