Free Samples Metal Dowel Screw Fixings

Free Samples Metal Dowel Screw Fixings


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Check the correct size for your furniture. Free samples wood to metal dowel screw fixings (hanger bolt) for wooden furniture legs. Attach sofa, bed, chair or other furniture feet.

Wood to metal dowel screw fixings, often known as hanger bolts, are supplied fitted with furniture legs from Heritage Components. This sample pack enables you to check which is the correct size for the existing fitting in your chair, sofa or other furniture. The pack contains three metal rods or bolts and is free of charge to customers that purchase furniture legs from our website.

The pack contains three screws, size 8mm (UK), 10mm (European) and 5/16 (USA). The sample pack is £5, exclusive of delivery, to any customer worldwide. A voucher code or coupon will be provided inside the sample pack which can be used when purchasing wooden furniture legs on our website. Entering the code into the shopping cart will give a £5 discount on your purchase.

Many customers prefer to use the existing fitting embedded in their furniture so that they can simply screw sets of wooden legs from Heritage Components in by hand, straight out of the box. One of the three sample sizes will be a match for almost all furniture worldwide, including from IKEA, department stores, DFS, right through to bespoke, independent manufacturers of high-end furniture. Simply check under your furniture to see if it has a screw fixing for your existing legs or feet.

As a general rule UK customers will have an 8mm fitting, many European customers a 10mm fitting, and the majority of customers in the United States a 5/16 fitting. There are exceptions in each area, and this sample pack enables you to quickly check which size is suitable for you, before you order.

Once you have established the correct size for your furniture you can then order the legs of your choice online and choose either 8mm (default), 10mm or 5/16 from the drop down box on each individual product page, therefore tailoring them to your requirements. We will then securely fit the requested dowel size, carefully pack, and dispatch your order. The screw will protrude from the top of the wooden leg approximately 30mm.</a></a>

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