Wooden Furniture Leg Finishes

There are a lot of Wooden furniture Leg Finishes available out there to both protect the wood, and give it an aesthetically pleasing look. Two of the more common finishes are oil and wax, both provide a simple matte finish that really show off the grain, maintaining a natural look whilst protecting the hardwood from damage. Raw leg offers a huge range of Wooden Furniture Leg Finishes Another common finish is staining, producing a finish with any colour of your choice, with thousands of potential options. Easy to apply, to sanded or raw wood, and providing a high quality look when polished and sealed. Much like oiling and waxing, staining adds a layer to protect the wood as well as adding colour. Raw leg offers a huge range of Wooden Furniture Leg Finishes Painting of furniture is becoming more and more popular with the trend of recycling and upcycling furniture now more mainstream as amateurs and professionals alike seek to individualise furniture. People often forget you can do more than just apply a coat of paint to finish your furniture project. If you want something a bit different, you can add to it after it has dried by distressing the wood, using sand paper to wear the coat down in  some patches to bring out the wood underneath. This can add a sense of wear to it and really make it stand out and look worn. This technique can be used simply on flat surfaces, or maybe you could use it as a highlight and sand down on the edges. More and more people are wanting to create their own styles, and by producing raw furniture legs, these finishes become available for a wider variety of designs, meaning that you can add your own touch easily. If you find you want a change, or dont like the finish you have chosen, you can always refinish with certain methods, such as staining and painting. This can be achieved by sanding back your finish, until you have the raw wood again and then simply adding your new coat.

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