How to use lighting in your home

Lighting is the key to creating the ideal ambiance and atmosphere in your home but sometimes it can be hard to decide what to do in each room in your home and how many light sources you need to flatter the space. The feeling your room creates can be highly affected by lamps, fixtures and bulbs. This blog looks into ways you can illuminate the perfect sections of your room to create the impact you want. Rule number 1: Mixing up the light sources at different levels is key to creating a flattering atmosphere. Rule number 2: Always provide appropriate task lighting for what you do in each space, such as a reading light in your book nook. Living room: The living room is where you do most of your living, so it is vital you create the correct atmosphere for what you need here. Ideally you want to use a combination of lamps, some that shine upwards, and others that glow in a downward direction. Try to light three corners of the room with one light focused on a specific object such as a piece of artwork or plant. It is always a good idea to have a dimmer with one of the lights for those romantic movie nights. Kitchen: This is the room where all the action happens so, for the most part you want bright lighting that motivates the room. If you have a combination kitchen and dining room it is a good idea to have a dimmer switch so you can opt between enthused cook to relaxed host. It is also a nice addition to include lower light sources to work surfaces to help with lighting whilst cooking and to illuminate the relaxing atmosphere after dinner. Dining room: The main focus in the dining room is the table and the prospect of eating delicious food. Due to this, the table should be the brightest part of the room. The surrounding area should have a subtle glow with maybe some lighting in the glass cabinets. A dimmer is also a good idea in the dining room, especially if you like to entertain guests for long meals. As each course passes, dim the lighting a little more until everyone is full and relaxed over coffee and the odd brandy. Bathroom: The bathroom is the place where works of art are created in the sense of washing and pampering. You need bright lights for make-up application and it is a good idea to have an overhead light to help fill in any shadows on your face. The ladies love lighting all around the mirror and this can make the bathroom feel like it is off a movie set. Bedroom: We all love a good night’s sleep and the lighting in your bedroom can majorly affect the mood you are in when you jump into bed. You want to aim for cozy, comfortable lighting. Use low-waatage bulbs for bed side lamps and direct any stronger light fixtures towards your wardrobe. Battery operated candles are also ideal in the bedroom for atmosphere and remove any worry of leaving them lit all night long. What is your favourite light in your home? Pop over to our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and let us know!

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