Unique Christmas Decorations Ideas

We can hardly believe here at Heritage Components that Christmas is already just around the corner – we are experiencing feelings of mild panic and excitement all at the same time. It is time to get the household looking festive and joyful, and each year it is fun to do something new and unique. We have put together some of our favourite ideas for characteristic Christmas decorations. Skiing Penguins: This is quite possibly the most adorable idea on the list. Start off by covering your bannister in cotton wool. You can add lights to the cotton wool to give it a really magical feel. Then make or purchase several penguins of different shapes and sizes and position them down their ski slope. It will have you giggling the whole way down the stairs. Christmas Tree decorations: Before you position your Christmas tree in the holder, take a saw and cut a piece of the trunk from the bottom of the tree. Decorate the piece of tree trunk with the following: names of the family, the year and how old the tree is. Do this every year and you have an entire tree full of tree. Outside baubles: Why not add baubles to your outside trees as well as Christmas lights? Red baubles look great, especially if you choose a variety of different sizes. Maybe search for plastic baubles too so they don’t smash if they fall in the wind. The Christmas Tree: There are so many different ideas for your Christmas tree.
  • You can pop two boots under the tree, a snowman’s head on top of the tree and stick arms in the side.
  • You can stuff some green tights with filling, add an elf skirt and shoes to the legs and position them like they are looking inside the tree.
  • You can buy a red, tree, green tree or all white tree.
  • You can position pieces of wood of different sizes up the wall in your lounge to look like a tree and decorate with simple baubles. This is great for limited space and looks very modern and chic.
Christmas Coasters: This is an extension of the idea above for the Christmas Tree Decorations. For this you must choose a tree with quite a lot of access trunk available and cut 6 cylindrical coasters from the bottom of the tree. Then depending on what result you want, you can simply coat it with a finish to protect the wood or you can decorate with glitter and Christmas images followed with a finish. What are some of your latest Christmas inventive decoration ideas? Share with us over on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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