Top Home Décor Predictions for 2015

As the year draws to an end it is time to get excited about the new trends and trinkets that the New Year will bring. We have collected together some of our predictions for home décor developments in 2015 with some practical ideas for you to try. What better way to spend January than updating your home to keep up with the current style. Mixture of style and texture 2015 will see the mix of different styles and materials taken to a new level. Currently, home designers are playing around with wallpaper on one wall and bold colours but 2015 will see a mix of retro with modern. Lampshades and furniture will clash in a beautiful mess in homes across the country. Time to get your retro bright pink bar to mesh with modern prints. Earthy, natural resources The outdoors will be coming indoors in 2015 with home designers using outdoor materials to add earthy texture to indoor environments. You will see grass used in quirky ways in the lounge and stone framed pictures. Large prints Vintage chairs will be re-upholstered with large prints and floral features that will make a bold statement. You will see whites, lavender, pinks and soft brass. Why not spruce up the vintage chair or choice with a new set of legs or castors. Have a look at our collection. Blue is the new black We predict that one of the top home decor predictions will be blue. Blue will be all over the place in 2015 from navy blue sofas to sapphire blue large prints on the wall. Why not start with a blue throw or pillow collection to wake up a grey sofa? Blue looks great with soft gold and adds a regal gleam to any room. Feel like going all out? Why not paint an entire wall navy blue? Metallic Metals Rustic pops of metal will add a new angle and texture to a room or home and is a very versatile material to play with. You could incorporate metal outside and inside your home in subtle notes that will look amazing matched with the earthy tones above. A great way to add metal to your home is with a metallic lamp or ornament. You could also get funky with a metallic rug or pillows. What do you think some of the predictions are for 2015? Come tell us on Facebook. Twitter and Pinterest.

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