Adding Ring Bases To Your Chair Or Coffee Table

Ring bases are a popular altenative to furniture legs. They offer a modern look, the ability to turn or "swivel" and a sturdy foundation for almost all shapes and sizes of chairs and coffee table. They give a sleek finish to your furniture and can work with a huge range of colours, materials and shapes. Ring bases This image shows just some of the variety of shapes, colours and designs available, that can be added to your chair or coffee table.   A red chair against the backdrop of white wall on which the text can be Wooden chair against stone brick wall with bookshelf   Here, the Copenhagen swivel base is shown with two completely different styles of chair; a rustic, carved wooden frame, and a modern, red chair. Ring bases add to retro and modern furniture pieces, to give them a comfortable, inviting look.   Chair Ring Base with Glider The 24 inch ring base with glider adds even more maneuverability by allowing the user to reposition forward and backwards for optimum comfort. Chair Ring Base with Rocker As an alternative, there is the ring base with rocker, which allows the user to tilt the chair forwards, backwards or sideways for a relaxing motion.

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