Pallet Projects

Upcycling pallets has become a trend recently, so we’ve decided to look into the fascinating things you could create. People have found many creative ways to use pallets, as they a a versatile DIY project. When you are planning on using a pallet, make sure to sand down any rough edges, and remove any nails/screws. To make your project look more professional, try finishing the wood in a stain or oil.   Bed end/headboard My own personal pallet project began as a garden planting space, which seemed like a great idea at the time. When I realised I do not have green fingers, I transformed my pallet into something suitable for my bedroom. This has been located at the end of the bed (perfect size), and it’s used as a shelf. The top shelf contains tried scented petals and candles, while the lower shelves store my mundane objects like pen pots. A headboard is an alternative use, but would limit the shelves to only the top part being practical. The rustic, upcycled addition to my bedroom has been a keen point of interest and conversation.     Wine rack By taking a small section from the top of a palette, you can create a snug shelf to keep your wine bottles safe. This designcan also create space below to store your glasses. For this part, you need to cut slits into the lowest panel of wood to slide the wine glasses in (upside down). Although using this for wine is a particularly popular option, this idea could be used to store items like spices, mugs and glasses, This exciting twist on a normal shelf will add a touch of character to your house, and be sure to attract lots of attention. With Christmas just around the corner, this will be the perfect addition to your festive parties.   Shoe rack Following on the idea of using a pallet as a shelving unit, you could also use it to store shoes. Especially in a big family, there can be lots of dirty shoes spread out all over the house. Containing shoes in storage keeps them out of the way, with the option of attaching the pallet to the wall. Using an older pallet that isn’t so pristine means you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your spotless furniture dirty with mucky shoes. A variety of options are available, leaving you free to explore your creative side.   Pallet garden If you’re more of an outdoors kind of person, a pallet could be a great way of growing herbs or plants. Keeping the pallet vertical would result in 3 to 4 rows of planting, depending on the size of the pallet. If you have a small garden, this is an excellent way to save space, instead of taking up a larger, flat plot. Get creative and create storage for your gardening tools built into the pallet. Another excellent addition to this is painting the front of the pallet with blackboard paint to create artistic labels for your plants.

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