How to maintain your upholstery

You need to make sure that you care for your upholstery just as much as you would anything else in your home and there are some simple ways to ensure your upholstery stays looking clean and healthy. This blog gives you some top tips on how to maintain your upholstery with some simple steps – trust us, it is worth the effort. Doing things to up keep your upholstery may not even be on your radar but it is actually a vitally important thing to do to avoid lumpy, dishevelled and wrinkled sofas and chairs. You spend so much on your upholstery that it is worth keeping the quality high in your home too. Looking after your upholstery is easy and can be done in three simple steps: Give it a good fluff: The soft material in your upholstery need to be regularly fluffed and smashedto maintain the original shape. Don’t be shy when it comes to prodding your upholstery – give it a good shake and refresh the shape and inner material. It is a good idea to do this on a daily, or at least a weekly basis and it literally takes two minutes. Turn it over: The cushions on your sofas and chairs have two sides so why not make sure you get the most wear out of both sides? Turn over your upholstery cushions every month, or more if you want to. This way, both sides will wear evenly and any natural bleach from the sunlight will be even across your upholstery. NB: Natural sunlight is the devil as far as upholstery is concerned and the UV rays from the sun will bleach the colour in your fabric. You can try to protect your sofa with a stain protection. Either that or keeping the curtains closed all day. Upholstery Cleaning of Sofa Cushion Hoover: Dust gets everywhere including your upholstery so it is important to hoover your upholstery even if you can’t see the dust. Dust gets into the fabric of your sofa and shortens the life span of the material by rubbing on the fibres. We recommend getting a little handheld hoover for this job as it is much easier than dealing with different contraptions on your larger hoover. Do you try to maintain your upholstery? Any tips to share? Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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