The Launch of the New Heritage Components Catalogue

The last year has been a very exciting time for Heritage Components and we are excited to announce the launch of our new catalogue, brimming with beautiful new furniture legs to individualise and add a unique edge to your home décor. In this blog we introduce each new design in some of the striking and beautiful colours available. Tiffany Our Tiffany legs are an all around classic foot that would look great on a sofa bed or lounge chair.The ribbed, wooden design comes in every colour from cabbage white to Tanner’s brown. Tiffany Wooden Furniture Legs Farrow and Ball BLAZER 212 Miranda Our tall Miranda’s have been a popular design for years and we are excited to offer this new range in so many extra colours. The majestic Miranda feet can give a vintage piece a modern edge – why not try the white legs with a bold coloured sofa or a mint green with a maroon coloured piece. Queen Anne These royal legs are fit for a queen with their regal curve and vintage style. This foot is perfect for a newly upholstered armchair in need of a pop of wonderful colour. Why not match a yellow leg with a blue chair to give a modern, nautical take on a vintage look. Caprice Castors have the connotation of representing old furniture but not anymore with our range of exciting Caprice castors. These castors come in a range of colours with either antique cauldron castors or brass cauldron castors. You could pair these legs up with a vintage piece of furniture or get creative and make a bar out of an old bookcase with these fabulous legs at the bottom. Caprice Elegant Wooden Furniture Legs with Brass Cauldron Castors ARSENIC 214 Sienna One of the greatest things about castors is that they are so easy to move around. We love this Brinjal purple colour that would look great with a grey, tweed fabric. These castors are perfect for a sofa in an office area or a chair in the bedroom. Sienna Wooden Furniture Legs with Black Nickel Castors Farrow and Ball BABOUCHE 223 All of our wooden furniture fittings can be fixed to any sofa, chair, bed, table and other related furniture. All of these fixing options take an M8 dowel screw measuring 8mm in diameter and these are supplied, already fixed into the wooden feet and legs. The range of legs will expand over time and you can also choose your own wood stain on any of the Heritage designs. Order with us now today, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for daily chats about furniture and beyond.

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