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YouTube Over the last few weeks we have finished off our YouTube series on different furniture leg fixing methods. This has included T-Nuts, D-Nuts, D-Nuts with srew flange, universal fixing plates and angled fixing plates. The aim has been to help show how quick and easy adding these fixing methods can be.   We now plan to move on to a variety of different topics, including displaying our range of products, and demonstrating some more useful techniques such as waxing and oiling furniture components. Instagram As well as pressing on with YouTube, we have also returned to posting on Instagram. If you're interested in seeing images of new products, finished, designs and services then this will be incredibly useful! We have started off with a few of our new products, displaying the new finishes that we have brought in to our metal legs range. Its a quick and easy way for us to show off our new products and the variety we stock.

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