How to install and remove T-nuts

Before You Begin The Install

Before we discuss how to install or remove a T-nut, you must first get the proper tools for the job. You will need a bolt, a T-nut that matches the bolt, a hammer and a flathead screwdriver.   How to install a T-nut into a wooden leg Step 1: You just need to sit the nut into the hole, it shouldn’t slide all the way in but simply rest in the hole. Step 2: Once the T-nut is in the correct position, now you just need to grab the hammer and hammer it in until it’s fully secured.

How to remove a T-nut from a wooden leg

You could just thread a screw into a T-nut from the back and probably pull them out, or you could use the screw from the front and tap them out from the front. Another option would be to pry up and bend a portion of the visible part of the nut with a flathead screwdriver. Using a flathead screwdriver exert upward pressure evenly on each of the four t-nut prongs until the T-nut becomes loose.  

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