How to Firm-Up Your Sofa and Chair Cushions Part II

Welcome back, we are going to finish up our look at how to firm-up your old sofa and chair cushions the right way. If you recall from the previous post, we have already removed our cushions, measured them and ordered material to make new ones. Now, we will cut the new foam and batting to size. Cut the New Foam and Batting Let’s get started cutting! Using a framing square, mark the foam to your measured dimensions. If you don’t have a framing square, just place the old foam cushion on top of the new material to get the correct shape. Using an electric carving knife, cut the new foam to the correct dimensions. This tool is a must have if you want this job to go smoothly. Lay the foam on a flat surface such as a work bench or counter top and, holding the knife firmly, begin cutting turning the foam as you cut so you are not reaching across it. Now it time to add the batting. Lay your foam on a strip of batting so the edges are flush. Begin wrapping the batting all the way around the foam until it meets at the rear corners. Trim the batting with standard scissors. Don’t throw away the left over batting just yet; we will use is in a moment. Secure the Batting and Complete the Cushion Using staples, placed 4 inches apart, fasten the batting to itself along the rear corner of the foam cushion. This will keep the batting secure and avoid any loose batting that will wrinkle and be felt upon sitting on the cushion. Using the reserved batting, I told you we would use it, cover the sides of the foam trimming the batting slightly smaller than the foam surface itself. Staple the batting in place on one edge, stretch it to the other edge and staple it there. Be sure to trim off any excess batting before slipping your new cushion into the cover. Make sure it fits properly and is in completely before zipping the cushion cover shut. And there you have it! A new cushion for your old sofa or chair giving it new life and many more years of comfortable use. Now, let’s get started on the rest of the cushions! Now would also be a good time to consider adding new legs to your chair or sofa to either update the look or just freshen the appearance of the old ones. All of the materials and supplies used in this DIY can be found at Heritage Components making your project quick, easy and fun.

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