Guest Post | Inside Story: Triangles and Diamonds

There’s a surprising amount of work going on with this occasional chair (as with many things handmade) and the simplicity of the finished piece masks a myriad of internal goings on below, or as Jess would say, ‘under the hood’.
It still amazes me just how much work and how many supplies are needed for the perfect
perch, but here we give you the low down on one of my favourite pieces we’ve recently
worked on, showcasing the fabulous fabric ‘Triangles and Diamonds’ designed by Perunoto.
We sourced this chair from a fab Antiques market in St Ives. Think pink velvet and mahogany – you know the look, but we saw the potential in the shape, quality and craftsmanship of the
heritage blog cover
After stripping back the old upholstery and a lot of sandpaper later we were left with the stripped frame which I buffed up with clear wax to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, leaving a stunning blank canvas for Jess to start working her magic.
A layer of herringbone webbing followed by hessianrubberized hairtwine, cotton felt and polyester wrap are built up in layers even before work starts on the final top cover, not forgetting the hundreds of tacks or staples and lengths of piping chord that hold it all together.
Still, I think you’ll agree the effort is well worth it.

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