From Trash to Treasure - Furniture Makeover Before and After

We often share how to go about transforming your old, tired furniture using just a few small tricks — and how such quick changes can really make an impact. Sometimes however, it’s nice to really push the boat out and go for a dramatic, complete change — and that’s what we are going to look at as an example of today. Last year, our friends at ARC - Atelier Ray Clarke took this frayed 1980s chair and gave it a radical new look for an episode of the Discovery show ‘Salvage Hunters: The Restorers’.


  Image Credit: ARC_Atelier_Ray_Clarke The metamorphosis saw this tattered piece completely stripped down and reupholstered, giving it a real ‘trash to treasure’ alteration in the style of Italian design group Memphis. This Italian style, known for its bold, kitschy and exaggerated flourishes, was established in the mid-1980s by Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis Group. This group of designers and architects came together to envision postmodern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, and more. Their signature style was designing bold pieces with an ephemeral, abstract, and colourful unmistakable look. It was this wild styling which acted as the inspiration for this chairs transformation.


Image Credit: ARC_Atelier_Ray_Clarke We adore the varied use of fabrics, clean lines, and eye-popping colour. You may have noticed this remodel also saw the chair get a new set of legs. Yup, this spruced-up chair now sports our Hood Castor Wheels. A good addition we’re sure you’d agree. If you’d like to see the chair undergo its change you can catch the episode on Discovery Plus — or if you’d rather get to work on your DIY project then we’ve got plenty of things to help along the way, including the castors featured in this job, and many more across our wide range of Furniture Legs, Furniture Castors, Furniture Leg Cups, Upholstery Accessories and Brass Components. Just like with this project, if you do undertake any DIY jobs using our components we’d love to see it, no matter how grand or dramatic — just drop us a message at to let us know!

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