How to Create the Perfect Living Room

Getting the balance right in your living room can be a difficult task. You want it to be equal parts ‘liveable’, equal parts gorgeously decorated. There is no point in creating a living room you never use because you are scared of breaking something, but equally nobody enjoys the feeling of being surrounded with clutter. This blog gives you some top tips in decorating your living room so you can live in and enjoy it. Find your inspiration: Nobody is born an interior designer and it takes some effort to find the prints, colours, pattern and styles that suit your taste. Pinterest is an obvious spot for building a pinboard of your favourite inspiration. Follow Heritage here to get some of our favourite ideas. Alternatively, you can also go ‘Old School’ and create a inspiration board full of clippings from magazines. Don’t worry if it seems expensive, you can always find a way to make things in budget, just pick out your dreams. Conversation Areas and a Focal Point: You need to plan the layout of your room focusing on the conversation and the focal point. Your focal point might be a fireplace or piece of art and you want to create areas where people can chat easily. Get rid of the junk: Decluttering any room in your home will literally make you feel light. You don’t have to go full minimalist, but getting rid of those unnecessary items will open your room up. A lot of homeowners try to cram too much furniture into each room. Avoid this trap as it will take away the elegance of your room. The wall is not your friend: We have chatted about this before in the Feng Shui blog – try to avoid putting your furniture against the wall. Try to angle your furniture, particularly in a living room to encourage conversation. Lining up your furniture creates a negative energy in the room. Curtains: The colour of your curtains can play a big role in linking your room together. Choose the colour of your most dominant piece of furniture to tie each element together. No mirror mirror on the wall: Mirrors are distracting and will encourage your guests to constantly look at themselves instead of focus on you and the conversation. This can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. If you have a mirror as part of a wall collage, try and place it higher than the eye line. Beautiful Living Room Panorama in New Luxury Home Light: Each seat in your living room should have access to a reading light, or lamp either behind them or on a coffee table next to them. Then each person can enjoy reading their book or magazine with a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Do you have any additional ideas to create the perfect living space? Tell us over on Facebook or Twitter.

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