Christmas Decor Scandinavian-Style

Simple is best For a Scandinavian-style Christmas decor – the simpler, the better. Choose a basic colour scheme, with a focus on neutrals. Natural colours and materials like wood work great with small inputs of other materials. White is a great base colour and a fundamental part of Scandinavian design. Decorations do not need to bright or overly complicated to create a lovely, festive atmosphere. Hygge Create a hygge feeling with many blankets available for you and your guests. Scatter blankets on your sofas and chairs, or provide them in baskets around the house. Fur (or faux fur) used on dining chairs adds both comfort and warmth to your meal. Wreaths Christmas wreaths can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Placed on your front door, these become the first welcome to all of your guests. Follow your interior colour scheme, adding baubles, ribbons or fruit, but keep it light and not overpowering. Pine cones or wooden stars are a cute addition, especially if sprayed in a modest gold or silver. Fairy lights The most important rule with fairy lights is sticking to one, or possibly two colours. Warm white is a perfect light for a Scandinavian theme, but beware to not mix both warm and bright white together. Simple fairy lights can be used throughout the house, but they can also be made into shapes, such as stars, to add a bit of flair.   Cinnamon As well as in your Christmas pies and hot chocolate, cinnamon can be used around your home. Wrap your dinner napkins with cinnamon, pine leaves, and wrap up with a jolly red bow. Another great way of spreading the scent around the home is scented candles, which can be bought, or you can make yourself. Look online for helpful tips on how to do this. Candles As already mentioned, cinnamon scented candles are a great addition to your home, but there are many other lovely Christmas scents available over the holiday period. Examples include cranberry, peppermint, and cocoa. Lead your guests into your home with an array of candles that brighten your space with a warm glow. Buy or make candle holders that match the theme of your interior, adding to the overall Christmas decor.  

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