Choosing the right style for you

It can be difficult to find the exact style you're looking for from a base model sofa, chair or other pieces of furniture. Sometimes its best simply to reupholster to create your ideal design.

Choosing the components

When upholstering, you need to look at your design, choice of colours and legs. Do you want something modern, or more traditional? From here you can look at what sorts of designs and finishes work for your taste, do you want metal legs? Wooden? Do you want simple or complex designs? Look at the woods available and the finishes, will it work with your interiors. If you're looking for a modern, sleek finish for your interior, then when looking at legs you may want a simpler, contemporary design. Often, more modern designs revolve around light, and relatively simple materials and shapes, Oak and some cherry legs might fit in well, whilst mahogany and other darker woods often look great in more traditional scenes! Modern box chair. This modern chair shows perfectly the use of more simplistic, brighter legs to add a little bit of contrast while not detracting from the main piece of furniture. Classic 2 person sofa This small sofa then shows the affect that a darker wood, with a more detailed finish can have on your furniture. It stands out but only to compliment the softer colour of the sofas cushioning.

Personal taste

But personal preference plays a huge part, remember that! You may want that contrast of a darker wood or a coated metal with lighter materials and colours. You way want a lighter leg to stand out as a small, delicate feature in a more colourful room!    

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