Bespoke Furniture for Beautiful Homes

Unique furniture, bespoke upholstery is the aspiration of many of our customers at Heritage Components. This desire for personalised sofas and chairs, tailored to an individual’s exact specifications has led to our introducing a number of bespoke products and components with this trend in mind and this will continue into 2013 and beyond.

Bespoke Chair Orange

Whether adding a finishing touch to a sofa from the high street, such as designer wooden legs, brass castors, or embroidered detailing for example, or completely revamping an antique chair, our products are ideal for anybody who wants to transform their furniture by focusing on detail and finish. Individuals want to incorporate their ideas and tastes in their décor. Feedback from our customers clearly shows that they want to determine the final look of their furniture, rooms and home, as they push back against the mass-produced trend of recent times, choosing instead to reinvent or restyle their existing furniture, or upcycle antiques and family heirlooms. Faux unique or authentic furniture ranges are increasingly seen for what they are. What defines our customers is the rejection of blandness and insistence on quality, bespoke furniture and hand-crafted design. They are specialist craftsman who see the value in detail, with many striving to master the art of upholstery. Whether adding a finishing touch or creating a piece from scratch they see the value in investing skill and time to produce one off pieces and add character to their homes. Our job is to help them achieve this. Bespoke Sofa White To customise furniture is a growing trend in interior design and we will continue to expand our range to enable people to find new ways to improve the look and feel of their furniture and introduce individuality to their homes.

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