Autumn has fallen

With autumn in full swing, the temperature has dropped and the leaves are falling. The weather is changing, therefore so are the design trends. Here are our top tips for keeping up to date.     Autumn tones The tones of autumn are the first thought when considering themes for this season, so these are never going to go out of fashion. Warmth can be brought into the room through neutrals like brown and deep oranges and reds, but brightened up with pops of yellow and red. Using layers of one colour can saturate the opportunity of tone, united with textures to create a bold room. Metallic Metallic accents are becoming hugely popular in interior design, being very versatile, adding a hint of industrial style glamour. Start off your fall season this year with sparkles of metallic throughout your home, from cushions to candle holders, and tiles to lampshades. This will be a great link, leading you into the festive season. (Pumpkin) spice up your interior design with our ornamental Bavaria or Galway legs in antique copper! These metallic accents can be used to create a focal point in the room, with an elegant and fun vibe, linking back to the roaring twenties. Patterns Match your autumn tones with bold patterns, such gingham or fall related patterns like leaves and pumpkins. These daring patterns can really enhance your room aesthetic. Combine this with candles and fairy lights to bring in the warmth. Candles with scents such as cinnamon and caramel create a warm, relaxing atmosphere, perfect for snuggling up with a blanket and your favourite book. Don’t shy away from mixing patterns, combine different prints like floral and geometric, for a fun and exciting room decor. Natural Elements Wood and natural materials can also add to the feelings of warmth and comfort, taking on a woodland style. Integrate this with oversized, chunky knitted blankets and throws, to create a cosy mood.  Check out our selection of legs in a raw, natural wood to complete this look. Nature can be implemented through wooden shelves, furniture legs, natural wood log burner, and unique ornaments.

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