5 ways to find your style

When you first set off on a new decorating project or when you decide to completely flip a room or even a home, it can be hard to decide how to choose your style. Do you go for a vintage look, retro or modern? How do you decide on fabric and patterns? This blog aims to give you a guide to choosing your style and hopes to give you some things to think about that you may not have considered. Form vs. function: You need to spend sometime thinking about how important functionality is over the look of a piece of furniture. Do you want a sofa that you sink into or a sofa that looks good but isn’t necessarily ‘comfortable’? Do you want a coffee table that mugs and cups can sit on or a table that is more for show? Once you have decided on these key ideas for your room you can begin to narrow your search. Artwork: Your taste in art can help you decider your style in furniture. You may already have pieces of art selected for the room you are decorating or maybe this could be your starting point. You might like abstract art or portraits. You may choose photography over paintings. This could tell you whether you are classic or modern type of person. A homely or minimalistic. Hotels or friends: Have you stayed in a hotel or visited a friend’s home that made you feel really comfortable recently? Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it is a good idea to write down or make notes in your phone of things you really enjoy in other places. You can bring all these ideas together to create your own unique style. Mood board: One way you can begin to piece together your style is to go online and put together a mood board of styles that you like. Pinterest is an obvious place to build your board and there is a copious amount of styles and ideas on that website alone. You can also print off colours and place them in your room to see if you like them over a period of time. Follow us on Pinterest here for some inspiration. Unity: Usually a home has various piece through each room that unite the home together. Maybe you are a fan of turquoise or terra cotta. Perhaps you enjoy animal inspired sculptures or mood lighting. Take a walk around your home and see if you can spot the style that unites your home. As you can see from the above points, choosing your style for a room in your home can be more challenging that you think. You need to take some time to really research and test out colours to find what is right for you. Jumping in without considering your possibilities may result in a style you are not content with. Enjoy and share any thoughts with us on our Facebook or Twitter.

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