10mm, 8mm and 5/16 Furniture Leg Fittings

10mm, 8mm and 5/16 furniture leg dowel screw fittings (also known as a hanger bolt) are now available for customers of Heritage Components. Customise wooden sofa and chair legs to fit the existing fittings in your furniture, and remove the need for any DIY. Screw in by hand straight out of the box. We have introduced M8 (8mm UK), M10 (10mm European) and 5/16 (United States) sizes free of charge, to give options for our international customers to match wooden furniture leg metal dowel screws with their existing furniture leg fittings embedded in their chairs, sofas, beds and all other furniture. Alternative fixings are also available to ensure that our quality hardwood legs and feet can be securely fitted to all furniture. Free samples are available so you can check your existing size. This service is exclusively for our customers, and this free sample service is available to any customer worldwide. Simply select your preferred option from each individual product page and we will customise for you. Your preferred dowel screw size will be fitted securely to your wooden legs. If using one of our alternative fixings, simply choose the default 8mm (UK) size as these are a match for all of our T-Nuts, D-Nuts and Universal Fixing Plates. Bespoke, designer furniture legs, easy to fit to all furniture, for retail and trade buyers.

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