10 ways to create the perfect cosy Winter bedroom

Now that weather's turning, it is time to create a cosy Winter bedroom that will warm you up and relax you after battling the elements. This list will help you craft the ideal ambiance that will have you dreaming of getting home and snuggling up.
  • No more clutter: Clutter can cause instant anxiety so the first step is to get rid of all the bits and bobs. One way to tidy everything away is to get small boxes to organise and store in your drawers. Also, pay attention to the walls – too much clutter on the walls can upset the calm in the room too.
  • Spend a little more: The one item you should pay more for is the sheets – diving into really soft sheets maketh a perfect bedroom. Go for sheets with a high thread count and then save on the duvet covers.
  • Lighting: Creating the perfect ambiance in your bedroom all depends on the lighting. The first thing to do is install a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness of your lights. Then get some of the battery-operated candles that have a timer so that they turn on and off each evening. Finally a bedside lamp should complete the room, especially one that creates patterns on the ceiling.
  • Carpets and a rug: Even if the rest of your home is hardwood floors, your bedroom should have a carpet for ultimate comfort and cosiness. If you don’t want to have a carpet then definitely add a rug. A great rug for a bedroom is a sheepskin rug – you can position it on the floor or throw it over a chair this creates that cosy Winter bedroom vibe perfectly.
  • Include a chair: A comfy chair is vital for a bedroom. It is a great place to relax when you get home and take off your shoes, sit in a towel after a bath and read a book on a Sunday afternoon. A chair that is lower to the ground with castors is perfect for a bedroom especially with a snug blanket thrown over the arm. Have a look at our castor collection here.
  • Aroma: Choosing the right smell for your room is very personal but it is a good idea to opt for a scent that helps to relax your body. Lavender is a particular favourite for those who need some aid with sleeping. Another lovely fragrance is fresh linen. This is very seasonal too – apple and cranberry candles are lovely in the autumn. Spiced candles evoke a cosy Winter bedroom feel as we move closer to Christmas.
  • Neutral palette: Keep your sheets and furniture chic and neutral. The unfussy nature of a pale palette is serene and soothing.
  • Add colour with accessories: At this time of the year a blanket is a must and this is one way you can add a pop of colour to your bedroom. Maybe opt for an brightly coloured cuddly blanket and pillows.
  • One wall of colour: Bedrooms look great if one of two of the walls are covered in a bold colour such as soft teal or a subtle patterned wallpaper.
  • Curtains: Blinds are not enough in the bedroom. Keep those cold nights outside where they belong with some protective curtains to keep you warm and snug.

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